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I’ve been a technology consultant since the late 1990s and a Bitcoiner since 2015. I’ve worked in digital transformation at central banks, payments providers, investment and insurance companies, governments, lottery's and casinos and global retail. I've analyzed and helped solve a lot of big problems in all of these sectors.

Bitcoin gets me excited like the Internet did in the early 90’s.

It’s ignited a new digital, financial and energy transformation that's going to change the world even more than the internet did.

I provide links, analysis and guides on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining, Energy, the Lightning Network and all things on the future of Bitcoin in society.

Come join me down the rabbit hole On Bitcoin.

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Craig ⚡ ⛏️

Former central bank technologist turned Bitcoin entrepreneur. Learning & Sharing about Bitcoin, Energy, Proof of Work mining & Lightning Network. Founder of BIT HELM