Bitcoin Meetups In Canada

Bitcoin Meetups In Canada

Hey Canadian Bitcoiners! 🇨🇦

On Bitcoin is written in the heart of Canada in Manitoba which is home to some of the cleanest and least expensive hydro electric power in North America.

There are a growing number of Bitcoin meetups across the Great White North from the east coast to the west coast.

Whether you’re a seasoned Bitcoiner, a curious newcomer, or somewhere in between, these gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to connect, share insights, and contribute to the ever-evolving narrative of Bitcoin.

Here are links to each of the meetup groups across Canada. Join a meetup, start a meetup and help promote these meetups.

  1. Bitcoin Victoria: Gather with like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts in the beautiful city of Victoria. Share ideas, experiences, and discussing the future of Bitcoin.
  2. BTC Vancity: A collective open to anyone interested in Bitcoin. Their goal is to bring people together to learn,network and discuss all things related to ₿itcoin. Connect with fellow Bitcoiners against the backdrop of one of the most picturesque cities in the world. All are welcome.
  3. VanBitcoiners: Join the VanBitcoiners community for engaging discussions on the latest Bitcoin trends and innovations. A solid crew of bitcoiners based in Vancouver. Join them at Bitdevs as well as countless other events.
  4. KelownaBTCMeet: In the heart of the Okanagan Valley, KelownaBTCMeet offers a cozy yet dynamic space to delve into Bitcoin conversations.
  5. yyc Calgary bitcoin: Calgary’s Bitcoin Only Meetup! By bitcoiners for bitcoiners. Meet every second Tuesday.
  6. yeg_bitcoin: Explore the intersection of oil and Bitcoin in Edmonton. @yeg_bitcoin brings together Edmontonians with a shared interest in the decentralized revolution. Discuss, learn, and grow with fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts in the city.
  7. ReginaBTCMeetup: Step into the heart of Saskatchewan’s Bitcoin community with ReginaBTCMeetup. From Queen City to the decentralized world, this group welcomes all levels of expertise for engaging conversations and networking.
  8. Bitcoin Manitoba: A new meetup for 2024 with the goal to bring people together to learn, network and discuss all things related to ₿itcoin.
  9. iagaraBTC: Feel the energy of the falls and the blockchain with @NiagaraBTC. This meetup group in the Niagara region invites Bitcoin enthusiasts to connect, share insights, and build a stronger crypto community in this picturesque setting.
  10. Ottawabtcmeetup: Uncover the diverse world of Bitcoin in the nation’s capital. Ottawa btc meetup brings together crypto aficionados from all walks of life to discuss, learn, and contribute to the evolving narrative of Bitcoin.
  11. BtcMontreal: Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural mosaic of Montreal’s Bitcoin scene. @BtcMontreal offers a melting pot of ideas, where language and background dissolve in the shared passion for decentralized currency.
  12. Bitcoin Ville de Quebec: Venture into Quebec’s Bitcoin hub with @btcvilleqc. This meetup group in the heart of Quebec City provides a laid-back environment for Bitcoin enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and foster the growth of the crypto community.
  13. Bitcoin Halifax: Let the maritime winds carry you to Halifax’s Bitcoin community with @BitcoinHFX. Engage in lively discussions, share experiences, and contribute to the maritime flavor of the Bitcoin landscape in Halifax.

These meetup groups offer not just a platform for Bitcoin discussions but a community where friendships are forged, knowledge is shared, and the decentralized future is shaped together.

Join one, join all, and let’s build the future of finance, one Bitcoin meetup at a time!

Please leave a comment below for other meetups I may have missed.

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