Bitcoin Manitoba Meetup #1 was a success

Bitcoin Manitoba Meetup #1 was a success

On Tuesday March 5th, 2024, twenty plus Bitcoiners got together to start the Bitcoin Manitoba Meetup. The first Bitcoin Only meetup was a great success. We sat down for drinks, food and of course, some bitcoin talk.

My wife created some gifts bags for everyone with some orange tictac’s, some Bitcoin.Rocks stickers and some some swag from Bull Bitcoin too.

This was our first meetup so it was a meet a greet where we all mingle around and introduced ourselves. I created the survey below to gather some info from all of the group members on the topics we want to cover in future events.

Here were the results of what people are looking for and how we will build out events around these subjects.

  • [11] Bitcoin mining basics
  • [9] Bitcoin Basics – Buy, Hold & Transact
  • [8] Bitcoin Wallets
  • [8] Bitcoin mining at home
  • [7] Bitcoin Cold storage
  • [7] Laws & Government Policies around Bitcoin
  • [6] Bitcoin Circular Economies
  • [6] Using the Lightning Network
  • [5] Running a lightning node
  • [5] Bitcoin for Small business
  • [4] Running a Bitcoin node
  • [4] Using Liquid Network
  • [4] Bitcoin mining off grid
  • [3] Bitcoin & the environment
  • [2] Bitcoin mining with Immersion
  • [1] Electricity and Energy

The Next meetup is going to be on April 18th 2024 for the Bitcoin Halving Party.

We will be live streaming the event along with other Meetups accross Canada.

Join the Bitcoin Manitoba Meetup Group and check out our next events.

Always looking for feedback so please share in the comments of DM me on X.

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