Heating a car & truck wash with Bitcoin miners

Heating a car & truck wash with Bitcoin miners

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I came accross this post on X from Softtwarm about a truck wash in Idaho that has converted their gas heating system to a Bitcoin mining heating system.

“Bays and TC Car/ Truck/ RV/ ATV Wash has both self serve bays open 24 hours everyday. Bays and hot water are now heated with Bitcoin. Stop by and check it out.Water are now heated with Bitcoin.”

TC Car, RV and Truck Wash

TC Car, RV and Truck Wash is using a Fog Hashing B6 immersion tank running at 20kw with 6 Bitcoin ASIC miners.

It’s creating 68k BTUs of heat that are being transfered from the bitcool immersion liquid to a hydronic snow melt system that keeps the wash bay floor from freezing.

This hydronic snow melt system used to cost $25 per day in propane costs and is now running at a $24/day profit. What was once a business expense has become a new profit center by using the heat generated by the bitcoin asic miners.

A hydronic snow melt system is simply tubes put into the concrete to heat up the ground. Same technology as in floor heating used in homes and businesses.

You can see in the wash bay as the miners start to warm up the snow and ice is melting away making the ground safe when new vehicles come in and melting the snow after a customer uses the wash bay.

They also use this system to heat the water used to clean the vehicles.

Another great use case of small businesses to start mining bitcoin and using the heat to replace existing electrical and gas heating systems.

If you are interested in solutions like this for your business, contact BiTHELM for project consultation.

If you have any other great examples of bitcoin heating solutions, please reach out on x.com/craigonbitcoin or leave a comment below.

Happy hashing!

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