Heating a swimming pool with Bitcoin Miners

Heating a swimming pool with Bitcoin Miners

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Yes you read that right.

The Star Heater, a remarkable and innovative project by Nicolas Drouin, that combines the elegance of the Bitcoin mining with real-life, practical applications.

How Does It Work?

The concept is elegantly simple.

The Star Heater incorporates two S19 ASIC Bitcoin miners immersed in liquid hashing at 210 Terahash per second.

The miners process transactions, creating heat and the excess heat is then used to heat the pool water, extending the pool season comfortably into the fall.

Here are some quick specs I gathered from Nicolas’s tweets;

  • The coolant is kept at ~38C with 1 miner slightly overclocked (110Ths, 3.1kW).
  • Oil pump is running at ~6gpm, water flow is ~30gpm.
  • Oil temp in 42C, oil temp out 34C
  • A special custom firmware is used that only works with Bitmain s19 miners

Watch it in action

Video from X

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Future UI design for the Star Heater

Nicolas has a roadmap that includes the following user interface upgrades.


Adding a Full Bitcoin node

Excitingly, there’s more on the horizon – a full node option is now in the works, combining 230Th of hashing power with a full Bitcoin node, all in one box.

The future of Bitcoin mining and pool heating is looking brighter than ever!

Here are some of the renderings for future designs.

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There are a lot of uses for Bitcoin mining waste heat and this is one of the neatest.

For more information and updates, visit Nicolas @BTC_Grid on X or on his website at: constellationheating.com

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