New BTCPay Server, 240V in the garage & some hilarious memes

New BTCPay Server, 240V in the garage & some hilarious memes

Been spending more time on a few projects and I’m excited to tell you about them.

First off, I finaly ditched Windows for Ubuntu and couldn’t be happier. Better OS + it’s linux so I can do anything.

I set up a dual boot system on my laptop and it works great for a backup and some apps I have that just don’t run on linux. I was running Bitcoin Core on the Windows OS and now I’m also running a node on the linux OS. On Linux though, I compiled it from source so I can spend more time tinkering and learning more via the command line and APIs.

This is all so I can start diving more into Bitcoin and layer2s like Lightning Network and Liquid as well as trying out the many great open source projects being built around bitcoin.

You can see my growing list on Github.

New Bit Helm website & New BTCpay server

Been busy on the software side of things with setting up a basic website for and also setting up with a very basic online shop for now.

Both a runing on Lunanode Virtual Machines which I highly recomend. I used this tutorial to setup BTCPay Sever in a few minutes.

Home mining restart

I moved over the summer so miners have been shut off for a few months.

I finnaly managed to install 240V into the new garage and will be plugging the miners in this week.

I have an S9 that will be used as a heater and two S19Pro ASIC for the in the garage.

One will be used to help build a sound dampening enclosure, either custom or one of the many designs for enclosures out there.

The other S19 will be dropped into dialectic fluid to test the Fog Hashing immersion tank I bought this past summer.

Going also test out Lincoin mining pool and and the Luxor mining pool.

Immersion Cooling Kit C1

Looking forward to hashing at home again and being able to test and learn.

More to come on progress in the future along with another miner breakdown post like I did with the Antminer S9, this time with the Bitmain S19Pro 120th ASIC and another post on the Fog Hashing C1 Immersion tank.

Bitcoin memes for the win!

Last weekend, I made this Blackrock Bitcoin ETF meme and it went a little viral.

With the all the hype abotut Bitcoin ETFs, I thought it was a good reminder about Self Custody and how important it is for people to learn about it and how to do it.

Dave Ramsey never disapoints with his level of misunderstanding on how Bitcoin works. These uninformed influencers are in great numbers and memes like this need to be shared.


What I read on Bitcoin this Week

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