Launching Bitcoin Meetup in Manitoba

Launching Bitcoin Meetup in Manitoba

I grew up in Winnipeg in the 90’s, moved to the west coast in the 2000s and have been back living in Manitoba, Canada for a couple years now.

Ever since I moved back I’ve been in search of a Bitcoin Only meetup group. There is or has been crypto meetups but nothing focused just on Bitcoin so I wanted to change this and decided to start the Bitcoin Manitoba Meetup.

This is a Bitcoin Only group.

We are a brand new group building a collective of Manitoban’s interested in Bitcoin. Our goal is to bring people together to learn, network and discuss all things related to ₿itcoin.

Join us to dive into Bitcoin trends, discuss the latest developments, and explore potential opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned Bitcoin veteran or just starting your Bitcoin journey, this is the perfect platform to network, share ideas, and learn from like-minded individuals right here in Manitoba.

Stay updated on events and bring your curiosity to our lively discussions about the future of Bitcoin.

If you live in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas, come join the Bitcoin Manitoba Group and check out our events.

Our first meetup will be Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. RSVP here.

Join the Meetup group to stay informed on upcoming events.

You can also follow us on We would appreciate your support in spreading the word to others, especially those in Manitoba.

If you’re interested in helping organize meetups and events or you are interested in sponsorship, reach out to me on

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