Bitcoin Documentaries

Bitcoin Documentaries

In a 60 second bite sized social media world, long form documentaries are less popular but they are a great way to really understand Bitcoin and it’s current and future impact on society.

Rather that Netflix and chill, watch Bitcoin movies to help orange pill others.

Here are in my opinion the best Bitcoin documentaries that tell the in-depth story about Bitcoin and the future.

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

This documentary directed by Pierre Corbin that explores the current state of our economy and the impact a new monetary system like Bitcoin can have on the world.

Watch and learn about our economy, the long and short term cycles, inflation and Bitcoin.

Bond to Unbind

Bond to Unbind is an experimental documentary that explores the relationship between the US-Dollar and El Salvador.

By creating the Bitcoin Law and the world’s first Volcano Bond, this small Central American nation has made bold moves and shocked the establishment.

This film is a timestamp and portrays the situation on the ground and a new generation of Salvadorans: Community organizers, farmers, doctors, journalists, artists, politicians and lawyers, … and how they perceive the recent socio-economic changes on a daily basis.

Great story. Check it out.

Bitcoin – The End of Money As We Know It

Whatever Bitcoin may be; most people do not yet understand what this controversial and influential innovation is about and how it works.

This documentary answers these questions by traces the history of money from the bartering societies of the ancient world to the trading floors of Wall St.

The documentary exposes the practices of central banks and the dubious financial actors who brought the world to its knees in the last crisis.

It highlights the Government influence on the money creation process and how it causes inflation. Moreover, this film explains how most money we use today is created out of thin air by banks when they create debt.

Epic in scope, this film examines the patterns of technological innovation and questions everything you thought you knew about money.

  • Is Bitcoin an alternative to national currencies backed by debt?
  • Will Bitcoin and cryptocurrency spark a revolution in how we use money peer to peer?
  • Is it a gift to criminals?
  • Or is it the next bubble waiting to burst?

This film answers these questions in great detail. Check it out.

Bitcoin is Generational Wealth

Brought to you by Swan Studios, “Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth” is a short film exploring the potential Bitcoin has to extend the timeframe of the projects humanity focuses on and actually achieves.

Across recorded history, cycles of rise and fall, both of civilizations themselves and of what they use for money, repeat time and again. We are experiencing another fall now and it is horrifying to observe.

However, for the first time in humanity’s existence, something unprecedented arrives – a money that is incorruptible, indestructible, and infallible: “un-fall-able”. It is money that can support on its shoulders a civilization that will also be un-fall-able.

With the prospect of preserving capital and being able to reinvest it productively forever, new possibilities can be imagined and their potential made into reality over multiple generations.

That is what this film aims to impress upon its viewers: That Bitcoin can break the cycles of fallings and replace them with an everlasting, productive peace.

“This Machine Greens” – Bitcoin Documentary

This Machine Greens, presented by Swan Bitcoin, is a documentary that explores Bitcoin’s complex and nuanced relationship with energy.

The film is produced by Enrique Posner and directed by award-winning British filmmaker Jamie King whose Steal This Film series (2006-2010) was one of the most downloaded documentaries of all time.

Featuring Swan’s Lead Economic Advisor Lyn Alden, along with Alex Gladstein, Nic Carter and many others, This Machine Greens dispels many of the misconceptions about Bitcoin mining and makes a compelling case for Bitcoin as a net positive for the environment.

Human B | Bitcoin Documentary

“Human B” is a film about the insight journey into the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

Bitcoiner movie

The Bitcoiner movie is a new independent bitcoin culture film, currently in post-production. Check out the trailer below.

New #Bitcoin Documentary Trailer


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